iPhone Development for Windows

The title might sound a little out of place but it is a reality these days. You can undertake iPhone development on your computer with Windows OS. For years, Apple has tried to protect its distinctiveness by not allowing cross-platform application integration. But the rising popularity of the iPhones has pushed the brink with many iPhone developers wanting to create iPhone apps on their Windows PC without incurring extra expanse in buying a Mac. Legally you will not be allowed to carry out iPhone development on your Windows PC but you can definitely emulate an application as being done by hundreds of developers around the world.

You will need to invest on an emulation software program that will ensure the application runs on an iPhone. One of the best platforms to develop an iPhone application on Windows is Adobe Flash. This program is known for its versatility and it can simulate most of the features of iPhone apps. Other than a few extremely complicated iPhone apps, you can develop them all on Flash. What makes flash such a profitable proposition is the fact that you can use this for a lot of no-iPhone development work.

Another great option is the Airplay SDK. This awesome software will generate and upload your apps out of your Windows Computer. A newer version of Airplay SDK is keeping pace with the regular upgradation of the iPhones. It is preferred for developing games and other highly graphical applications that can run on the iPhones. It pairs up with C++ to form an awesome development tool. This same application also runs in Mac making it flexible and popular among the developers.

Pointers for Windows iPhone Development

- iPhone development on Windows seems attractive, but if you looking to make a career in this then investing on a Mac would be advisable.
- You can jailbreak into your iPhone while developing the apps but that is against the EULA or the end-users license agreement.
- Read through a few tutorials related to developing apps on Windows as this will open you to newer ideas. There should be no compromise in the quality of the applications developed in Windows.