What to Do If Your iPhone Or iPad App is Rejected From the App Store

If your app is rejected from the App Store, what you do next is critical. Learn the essential steps to take if Apple says no and how you can increase your chances of getting your application approved.

Many apps are rejected from the App Store for a variety of reasons. Apple reviews each and every submission before it is approved to appear in their mega-mall of apps. They want to carefully monitor the quality of the software for sale and ensure a good experience for the millions of people who own an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Do not lose your momentum if your app is rejected from the App Store. Fix your application and submit it again soon. I will help you avoid rejection by sharing the reasons behind common problems.

Why was my iPhone app rejected? Apple has an important set of rules they enforce before listing an application from a developer. If your app was rejected, carefully read the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) to make sure it is meeting all of the requirements or make changes.

While there can be many reasons why your request was turned down, there are three common problems to watch out for. Avoid these mistakes when you submit your app to decrease the chances you will be rejected:

1. App not working as expected

A reviewer at Apple will carefully test your iPhone application. If it contains any bugs or technical problems, it may be rejected.

What to do: Make sure to carefully test your app in both the simulator and on a real iPhone or iPad before you submit your app for approval.

2. Violating trademarks or copyrights

Another common cause for apps to be rejected from the App Store is that they use trademarks without permission or include copyrighted material that you do not own.

What to do: Before you submit iPhone apps, remove any photos, icons, videos, sounds, or trademarked words (especially that Apple owns) that you do not have permission to use.

3. Objectionable material

While it is subjective to say what is inappropriate, Apple will reject your app if it includes explicit or objectionable material.

What to do: Remove any language, photos, sounds, etc. that come too close to the line.

If your app is rejected from the App Store, take a deep breath and submit it again after you have followed the advice in this article. Best of luck!