The Total Package: Apple IPhone Reviews

This iPhone review will covers all aspects related to the phone. This phone is called a smart phone and for good reason. It's like the epitome of 21st century technology. It's literally like a miniature computer. People think the new Macbook Air is so cool because it's thin like an envelope, well, the iPhone is the same thing but it can fit in your pocket.

IPhone Display Review

Let's start with a review of the iPhone's design. The phone has an extremely sharp and slick look. It has a trim profile and it doesn't have a million buttons because of the touch-screen. It's 4.5 inches tall by 2.4 inches wide and it's a mere 0.46 inches deep. It can comfortably fit in your pocket and you won't even feel it.

IPhone Review of Display and Menus

The display definitely takes full advantage of the phone's large screen. The screen's resolution is 480x320 pixels and the graphics look vivid and sharp and have great movement. The iPhone menu is a great one because it follows the true Apple style.

The interface looks high-tech but it is easy to understand. The main menu uses colored buttons to represent the main functions of the phone. Icons for the phone menu, mail folder, Safari Web Browser, and the iPod player sit at the bottom of the screen for instant access. The camera, calendar, and settings are at the top.

IPhone Fun Feature Review

The iPhone has a built in wireless internet connection. Now, laptops have wireless internet but you need to have a network somewhere around you for it to work. Not with this! You can literally be driving in the middle of no where and have an internet connection because it is built in the phone. That's amazing technology. You can be waiting at the doctor's office and surf the net to kill some time.

Perhaps the best part about the iPhone is the Google maps option. If you're lost, you can type in the address that you're going to or the name of the business and it will give you directions. It is not a GPS system that locates where you are but it does tell you where you need to go.

This iPhone review gives the iPhone an A+. The iPhone is slick and easy to use. It even has touch-screen technology. Plus, they're constantly coming up with add-ons to make it just a little bit better. It's expensive, but it's worth it.

Triumph: The Fight To Unlock IPhone Services For All

With the release of Apple's iPhone, the basic cell phone has become obsolete. Cell phones are no longer reserved for making phone calls; now, they are mp3 players, movie screens, internet browsers, address books and video game systems all built into one. The iPhone is no exception. In fact, it challenges every other cell phone manufacturer to turn up the technology. However, the release of the iPhone was not without complaints. While most consumers love their iPods and want nothing more than to be able to join the power of an iPod with the practicality of a cell phone, the original iPhone package included a little extra baggage.

Aside from additional charges and hidden requirements, the iPhone was locked to a single provider. AT&T owned the exclusive rights to the iPhone, meaning it could only operate on AT&T networks. Purchasing an iPhone was meaningless unless the consumer also signed a contract with AT&T, a contract which included multiple years and multiple clauses. However, with the release of the iPhone came the fight to unlock iPhone services for all. Hackers around the world worked day and night to free the iPhone from AT&T; to unlock iPhone capabilities for other providers meant to give the consumer choice in who he or she contracted with. Thanks to these hackers, the popularity of the iPhone soared where otherwise it would have faltered.

Fun without Boundaries

While the iPhone sold out of most stores the first day of release, many buyers were unaware of AT&T's exclusive rights. They were oblivious to their own inability to use their new media devices with any cell phone company. They were also unaware of exactly how expensive monthly charges would be when AT&T could charge whatever they wanted. In a sense, AT&T held a monopoly on iPhone usage, until hackers decided to take matters into their own hands and unlock iPhone usage. Interestingly enough, when they succeeded, the iPhone's popularity increased; many apprehensive consumers were swayed to purchase the device once they realized their hands were no longer tied. Consumers desire freedom, and the freedom to choose a cell phone company became the deciding factor in a lot of later iPhone purchases.

To unlock iPhone usage meant for some people the ability to actually use the iPhone; individuals already signed up with a multiple year contract with another cell phone provider would be unable to use an iPhone unless they broke their contracts. When the iPhone was unlocked, anyone could use it with their current contracts without having to pay penalties or take out secondary agreements. Interestingly enough, the race to unlock iPhone capabilities could have been finished sooner if hackers did not compete against each other; however, each hacker wanted the fame, and competition ended up delaying the completion of the project.

The Apple iPhone Has A Great LED Screen

If you possess} an iPhone and ponder what it is that makes the screen so gorgeous and brilliant, the solution is the iPhone 3g LED screen. The iPhone 3g LED, which is short for for light-emitting diode, really delivers images and videos to life on the iPhone 3g. The iPhone 3g LED is state-of-the-art technology and it really makes the iPhone 3g feel like a lot more than just a ordinary cell phone.

The iPhone 3g LED is a thing that makes the iPhone 3g as productive as it is. The iPhone 3g LED represents hues and sharp graphics so nicely that it appears as though you are looking at them on a computer or television screen that also utilizes LED engineering. iPhone 3g LED is a significant element to the iPhone 3g since without the LED technology, the iPhone would not have as breathtaking graphics as it does.

The iPhone 3g LED is a little something that would definitely be missed if it were not there in the iPhone collection. Regrettably, the iPhone LED can end up ruined if the screen of the iPhone 3g is cracked severely enough. This would cause issues because the iPhone 3g LED is not something that is easily repaired or replaced. In most cases, if the iPhone 3g LED is harmed, it would need to be shipped back to the maker for service, or a new iPhone 3g would need to be obtained by the customer. A good split in the glass screen of the iPhone can positively result in damage to the iPhone 3g LED if chipped seriously enough.

iPhone 3g LED is one of the most effective attributes of the iPhone because the primary management center for the iPhone is the iPhone screen. Because of the iPhone 3g LED, it truly helps the look and feel of the whole iPhone itself. The iPhone 3g LED enables the iPhone operator to enjoy a video clip on the iPhone and see an image as clearly as if they were seeing it on a television set. The iPhone 3g LED is most certainly a benefit of possessing an iPhone if you have a significant amount of photos or movies on your iPhone that you like to frequently look at. The iPhone 3g LED is also a terrific attribute if you do any gaming on your iPhone. The iPhone 3g LED is just one of the techniques that the iPhone incorporates that tends to make using an iPhone such a satisfying experience.