The Total Package: Apple IPhone Reviews

This iPhone review will covers all aspects related to the phone. This phone is called a smart phone and for good reason. It's like the epitome of 21st century technology. It's literally like a miniature computer. People think the new Macbook Air is so cool because it's thin like an envelope, well, the iPhone is the same thing but it can fit in your pocket.

IPhone Display Review

Let's start with a review of the iPhone's design. The phone has an extremely sharp and slick look. It has a trim profile and it doesn't have a million buttons because of the touch-screen. It's 4.5 inches tall by 2.4 inches wide and it's a mere 0.46 inches deep. It can comfortably fit in your pocket and you won't even feel it.

IPhone Review of Display and Menus

The display definitely takes full advantage of the phone's large screen. The screen's resolution is 480x320 pixels and the graphics look vivid and sharp and have great movement. The iPhone menu is a great one because it follows the true Apple style.

The interface looks high-tech but it is easy to understand. The main menu uses colored buttons to represent the main functions of the phone. Icons for the phone menu, mail folder, Safari Web Browser, and the iPod player sit at the bottom of the screen for instant access. The camera, calendar, and settings are at the top.

IPhone Fun Feature Review

The iPhone has a built in wireless internet connection. Now, laptops have wireless internet but you need to have a network somewhere around you for it to work. Not with this! You can literally be driving in the middle of no where and have an internet connection because it is built in the phone. That's amazing technology. You can be waiting at the doctor's office and surf the net to kill some time.

Perhaps the best part about the iPhone is the Google maps option. If you're lost, you can type in the address that you're going to or the name of the business and it will give you directions. It is not a GPS system that locates where you are but it does tell you where you need to go.

This iPhone review gives the iPhone an A+. The iPhone is slick and easy to use. It even has touch-screen technology. Plus, they're constantly coming up with add-ons to make it just a little bit better. It's expensive, but it's worth it.